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Gallery 5 - Sliding Glass Shower Doors

There is a new trind in the Frameless shower door world. It is an old style revisited using frameless shower door materials. Sliding doors, one door moves while the other panels are stationary. The frameless sliders strive to keep the shower entrance barrier free and without wall jambs. In some cases where clearence is an issue this type of a unit is a salution. The sliding door offers a smaller walk-through than can be achieved with the Euro Framless swing door buy several inches. None the less they off an attractive new look to the shower door world.

Pricing for these units is determined by the glass square footage, the fabrication required, and hardware selection. With your space measurements we can manufacture you a sliding shower door kit similar to any unit shown in these galleries. To select the correct shower layout for your application use the Style Layout page to select the correct Quote / Order form. Visit the Fabrication Options page for additional ideas of how to make your shower special.

Style 5Ebn Sliding Shower

Picture 501

SER2A - Serenity Shower

Serenity Sliding door. Left door with movable and the right inline is stationary.

Unit Features

  • Serinity 180 kit
  • 8" Ladder Handle
  • Serinity Seal Kit
  • 3/8" Clear Safety Glass

Picture 503

HYD4 - Hydroslide Shower

Left door slides while right inline and return panel are fixed.

Unit Features

  • 3/8" Clear Safety Glass
  • U Channel install Kit
  • Hydoslide Seal Kit
  • Aqurium corner
  • Return Panel

Picture 508

LAG2 - Laguna Series Shower

Two panel Laguna slider. The right panel slides while the left panel is fixed. A clean simple look.

Unit Features

  • 3/8" Clear Safety Glass
  • Laguna 180 kit
  • Finger Pull
Style SER2A Shower Door

Picture 414

SER2A - Tub Slider

This Serinity tub shower door has the right door sliding with a fixed left panel.

Unit Features

  • Serinity install Kit
  • Hinger Pull Handle
  • U Channel install
  • Seal Kit
  • 3/8" Clear Safety Glass

Picture 521

HYD-2A -HydroSlide 180 Shower

The right door slides befind th left fixed side panel.

Style HYD-2A

Unit Features

  • U-Channel Install
  • Hydroslide Install kit
  • Bak-Bak Pull knob
  • Hydroslide Seal Kit

Picture 524

LAG-2 Laguna Shower

Style LAG-2 Sliding Euro door. Right sliding door with side left fixed inline. Clear 3/8" Tempered glass.

Unit Features

  • Laguna 180 Kit
  • 12" bak-bak Ladder pull
  • Slider Seal Kit
Style SER2A Shower Door

Picture 527

SER-2-Serinity Shower

Sliding left door and a right inline panel. Overlap in glass of two inches.

Unit Features

  • Serinity 180 Slider kit
  • Finger pull handel
  • Slider Seal Kit
  • U-Channel install

Picture 532

LAG Custom Laguna Shower

Left sliding door slides infront of the toilet. Return panel provides center support for the door. Glass can be frosted for privicy

Unit Features

  • Laguna 180 Kit
  • finger Pull handle
  • Laguna Seal Kit
  • 3/8" Clear Safety Glass