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Keeping Your New Shower Door Looking New

Your new shower door looks great, and you want to keep it looking that way. The most important step you can take is to seal the surface of the glass. The surface of new glass is smooth, but it has microscopic soft spots. The continuous exposure to harsh chemical cleaners slowly dissolves these soft areas of glass. Eventually you will end up with etched glass which is impossible to clean. Don't forget your shower walls. Tile and granite are just like glass and will end up etched if you use harsh chemicals on them. The best thing is start with a clean shower, and seal the glass and walls. Then keep them looking great by using the correct products.

We can seal your eShowerDoor shower door with Crystal Shield II at the factory. The shower walls you will have to seal yourself. A shower door sealed with Crystal Shield II and maintained correctly doesn't get water and soap spots like other shower doors. Maintenance is reduced to a misting with Repellent Wash and a wipe down using a MicroFiber cloth. This will keep your new shower door looking new forever. A maintenance kit is shipped with doors sealed with Crystal Shield II . Replacement maintenance products are found on the Maintenance page of the web site.

Build An Easy to Maintain Shower

A key but, often over looked is how to build a shower enclosure which is easy maintained. There are a few basic consideration which you should consider when designing a shower. Most people only go as far as the pipes are in this wall, and the drain is in the floor. I don't like to take  a lot of time to clean my shower after every use.  Some people do, but not me.  I do use a squeegee and quickly go over the glass and shower walls just before I get out of the shower.  It takes very little time and keeps the shower looking great.  I come in every week or two and clean everything with the repellent wash.

When you are designing your shower door are are a few things you should think about. Building it correctly is key to having a shower last for years. A lot of people get get excited about how great their new tile looks, and fail to pay attention to some small things which can be a big deal.

1) Avoid water puddling. First of all you should have a slope of 1 to 1-1/2 degrees into the shower and all flat surfaces such as the curb or seat into the shower. Make sure that the drain is the lowest point of the shower. You don't want to have a puddle of water right around the drain. The shower door is going have water running off it onto the curb. Without the slope on the curb water can build up on top of the curb and escape the the outside.

2) Bull-nose tile should be on top of the curb with the side tiles tucked under them. Doing it the other way is asking for water damage.

3) If you can have the door hinges mounted on the same wall as the shower head.  The hinges won't require much attention to stay looking stay looking new.

4) Some people like the look of the glass clamps to support their fixed panels.  They may look good, but they get in the way when if you squeegee the glass. If you want to keep things looking good you have to wipe them down every time you use the shower.  I like U-channel because it is continuous, and doesn't get in the way of the squeegee.

5) Considerer a knob instead of a "D" style pull handle. They are easier to clean around.

4) The type of shower head can make a big difference in a shower and how it performs. Shower heads fall into three groups: 1)Sun-flower rain type 2) Fire Hose 3) Body Spray. A Euro Framless shower are not water tite aquarium. The hinges will leak water to the outside if you take a hand-held shower wand and shoot it directly at them. This type of shower is designed to contain the splash water. A Sun-flower shower head is great if you are using a fire-hose or body spray system you want to make sure the are shooting away from the door.

Steam Showers: If you are building a steam shower it is recommended that you have ventilation in the shower to releave any pressure from the steam. It can be a passive system (no fan), but you need something to let the steam out or the steam will push the door open to get out.