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A Style 1 Euro Bath Screen is the single movable panel. A fixed panel is called a partition. A style 1 bath screen can be used on a walk-in shower area, or up on a tub. The maximum width of the screen is 36". A fixed partition panel can be wider. If your want to cover a space wider than 36" and you want it to be movable you need to consider a Style 2 or Style 3 screen. A Style 1 bath screen has two possible layouts, A or B.

  1. Layout "A" - Screen is hinged off the left wall
  2. Layout "B" - Screen is hinged off the right wall

By installing a Style 1A next to a Style 1B, you have what we call a Style 1AB. A standard S1AB is flat across the top. The addition of an "Eye-brow Arch" which bridges both panels makes a dramatic visural effect in the bathroom. Visit the fabrication gallery for ideas of how to customize this enclosure. A Style S1AB Euro Bath Screen has great access to the bath/shower area. It makes it easy to clean, and is great for ADA applications. You only loose about 2-1/2 inches from the tile-to-tile opening. This means this unit can provide a maxium of about 69 inches of open access.


A Style 2 Euro Screen is a hmovable screen plus one fixed panel. The letter that comes after the STYLE 2 designates the screens' layout. A Style 2 screen has four possible layouts, A,B,C and D. It doesn't matter if the panels are full length or up on a tub deck.

  • Layout "A" - Hinge left screen hinged off a left fixed panel
  • Layout "B" - Hinge right screen hinged off a right fixed panel
  • Layout "C" - Hinge leftscreen hinged off wall with a right fixed panel
  • Layout "D" - Hinge right screen hinged off the wall with a left fixed panel