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Gallery 4 - Steam Shower Door Examples

Some people just want to have the steam from the shower, while others build in a real steam generator. A Steam Shower can't really be closed off to prevent the steam from escaping into the bathroom without providing a vent for the steam to escape. If you are installing a steam generator you must provide a way to vent the steam. Without a vent the steam will push open the door and escape into the bathroom. This gallery shows a few examples of Euro Shower installations.

Pricing for these units is determined by the glass square footage, the fabrication required, and hardware selection. With your space measurements we can manufacture you a shower door kit similar to any unit shown in these galleries. To select the correct shower layout for your application use the Style Layout page to select the correct Quote / Order form. Visit the Fabrication Options page for additional ideas of how to make your shower special.

Style 5Ebn Steam Shower

Picture 401

Unit Features

  • Geneva 037 Wall Hinges
  • 6" Pull Handle
  • Wall Mount Seal Kit
  • 1/2" Clear Safety Glass
  • Aquarium Corner install
  • Movable Transom Kit
  • Clamp Install

S5E - Steam Shower

Wall mounted hinge left door with movable transom, notched right inline, aquarium corner with a right return panel up on the tub deck.


Style 5E

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Style 5Fbn Steam Shower

Picture 403

Unit Features

  • Geneva 037 Hinges
  • 6" Pull Handle
  • U Channel install Kit
  • Seal Kit
  • 3/8" Clear Safety Glass
  • Aquarium Corner
  • Erratic Edge Option

S5Fbn - Steam Shower

Wall mounted hinge right door, notched left inline, aquarium corner with a left return panel up on the tub deck.

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Style 5F

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Style 6Asnb Steam Shower

Picture 408

Unit Features

  • 1/2" Clear safety Glass
  • 2-Veinna 180 hinges
  • 6" Pull handles
  • U Channel install
  • Movable Transom Kit
  • Gls-Gls Seal Kit
  • Aquarium Corner

S6E - Steam Shower

Left wall hinged door with a right fixed panel. Door will swing in or out of the shower.


Style S6Asnb

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Style 5Fbn Shower Door

Picture 414

Unit Features

  • Vienna Hinges
  • 6" Pull Handle
  • U Channel install
  • Seal Kit
  • 1/2" Clear Safety Glass

S5Fbn - Steam Shower

This shower door is hinged on the Right wall using the heavy duty Vienna Style hinges. The left inline is notched.Glass is to the ceiling making this a steam shower. Poor ventilation - door will need to be left open into the shower.

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Style 2D

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Neo Angle Steam Shower Door

Picture 421

Unit Features

  • U-Channel Install
  • Geneva glass-to-glass Hinges
  • Movable Transom Kit
  • Bak-Bak Pull knob
  • Gl-Gl Seal Kit

N2S - Neo Steam Shower

The door is centered between two side panels which are attached to two neo-angle panels. The door is hinged off the left fixed panel. Movable transom for ventilation.

Style N2D

Frameless Neo Angle Steam Shower Door

Picture 424

Unit Features

  • 3 Geneva 180 Hinges
  • 6" bak-bak pull handle
  • Gls-Gls Seal Kit
  • Fixed Transom
  • 16 Glass Clamps

N2FS-Neo Steam Shower

Style N2F Neo Steam door. Hinge right door with side inlines and fixed transom. Clear 1/2" Tempered glass.


Picture 427

Unit Features

  • Prima Top/Bot Hinges
  • 6" Bak-Bak pull
  • Gls-Gls Steam Seals
  • Top & Bottom Clamps

N1SEss-Neo Steam Shower

Door and left inline are on the left side. The center and right panel form a 45 degree aquarium corner and are full height. This unit will have a ventilation problem.


Picture 432

Unit Features

  • Sr Prima Hinges
  • 8" Bak-Bak Pull
  • Clamp floor & Ceiling
  • Neo Seal Kit
  • 1/2" ClearGlass
  • Door swings in & out

N2nb -Neo Steam Shower

Style N2 full height door hinge right with pivot hinges. Left panel is notched and the right panel is up on the deck. Door will need to be left ajar to dry out shower.