Neo Angle STYLE 1 ( layout A__ )

A Style N1 Euro Neo-Angle is the pivot door with an angled side panel on each side of the door. A "center panel" hinge left door is a style 1A and a "center panel" hinge right door is a style 1B. To the right are small pictures which have different variations of the style 1A and style 1B door. Select the image which best matches your shower door.

  • Layout "A" - has a pivot left door
  • Layout "B" - has a pivot right door

Neo Angle STYLE 2

A neo-angle style 2 shower door has a hing-left door mounted on the left wall. The fixed panels, one or more are at an angle to door. This is a secure configuration in the the weight of the door is on the wall. The fix panels a angled which makes ridge structure. This confiuration does not require a header or support bar.