How to Use This Site
How to Use This Site
The camera and magnifying glass icons are use to provide provide more detailed information on a subject. The magnifying glass is used throughout this site to provide more details about an item. When the magnifying glass used next to the pull down is used in two ways. Before a selection is made from the pull-down it provides guidance in making a selection from the pull-down. After a selection has been made the magnifying glass shows detail information about the selection showing. Below are linkes to videos about the eShowerDoor web site.
Web Site Overview
Style and Layout
Using the Quote / Order Form
Finding a Contractor
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Selecting a Pull Handle
Selecting Hinges  
Fixed Panel Hardware
Specifying A Shower Door Kit
This site is designed to allow the user to be able to specify almost every aspect of a Euro Frameless Shower Door. The user can specify the layout, measurements, glass type, hardware style, hardware finish, fabrication options, and design work.

If you are a first time customer before jumping in and filling out the quote / order form you should spend some time becoming familiar with the product lines. We have over 4000 products available for you to choose from. There are galleries available to aid you in making product line selections.

We have broken shower and bath enclosures into five groups. Each of these groups have a Style / Layout page to make it easer to select the correct quote / order form. These pages are the starting point to building your custom shower enclosures.

        1. Frameless Shower Doors
        2. Frameless Steam Shower Doors
        3. Frameless Neo Angle Shower Doors
        4. Frameless Bath / Shower Screens
        5. Frameless Bath / Shower Surrounds

Search the layout pages to find the layout configuration that matches your space. You should be matching the number of panels, their orientation, and the door configuration. Click on the layout image to pull up the correct quote / order form.

Quote / Order Forms
Note: The quote / order forms are complex and require Explorer 6 or newer to function correctly. If you are unable to use the online quote / order system feel free to call our sales department at (408) 988-3753.

The quote / order forms are broken into eight steps. Each step has its own help button to explain what that section is about and what some of the issues are in making your selections.


Step 1) Unit Style & Layout If you have selected the correct style / layout this description and layout image should match your shower door. Panel sizes may be different, but the number of panels and their orientation to each other and the door hinge side should match your shower door space.
Step 2) Dimensions This is the section where you provide the space dimensions for each panel of glass. You provide space dimensions, and we will do the deductions for seals and hardware.
Step 3) Glass Selection In this section you have the ability to choose the glass type, design, fabrication option, and door seal kit. You have the ability to mix glass types, design, and fabrication for each panel of glass. You may want to make the return panel next to the toilet frosted glass for privacy, and the rest of the enclosure out of clear glass. There are separate glass, fabrication, and design galleries to help you make decisions in designing your enclosure.
Step 4) Hardware Selection

If the pull downs don't work in this section you may not have explorer 6 or above. The first step in this section select the finish you wish on the hardware.


Pull Handle

There are two pull downs for the section, the first pull down is used to select the type of pull handle.

    • 6" Pull
    • 6" Pull / Towel Bar
    • 8" Pull
    • 8" Pull / Towel Bar
    • Knob

The pull down is preset at 6" Pull, but you can change it to any of the selection. When you make a selection in the first pull down it populates the second pull down with the hardware available in that group in the hardware finish selected. Use the magnifying glass to confirm your selection.

Hinges This pull down shows all of the hinges available in the selected finish. You need to follow the engineering specification for the hinges for maximum door width and door weight. In general there a two grades of hinges. The Standard Duty hinges will hold a door up to 28" wide. The Heavy Duty hinge will hold a door up to 36" wide. The Geneva Style hinge only goes out 28", where its big brother the Vienna hinge but goes out to 36". Use the Magnifying glass to review the engineering specs.
Fixed Panel Hardware This section works very similar to the way the pull handle section works. The first pull down lets you select the type of hardware to be used, which will populate the second pull down. Use the magnifying glass for help, and to confirm your selection.
Step 5) Accessories This is an optional section of the order form. If you wanted to add matching Grab bars, or towel bars you can do it in this section.
Step 6) Shower Door Kit Pricing Press the calculate price button to show the Kit price. The system does a quick check to make sure you have filled in all of the correct fields. If something is missing a window will pop up to notify you.
Step 7) Crating & Shipping In this section the estimated shipping weight is calculated. We normally ship door freight collect using the trucking company "UPS Freight". You can link to their rate estimator from this section. We have a discount of 79% and ship freight as class 85. The site will not calculate the shipping correctly for Alaska, Hawaii or destinations outside the US. Please contact the sales department at (408) 988-3753 for special shipping issues.
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