Aquarium Corners
How to Do Aquarium Corners

Doing an aquarium corner is very simple when done correctly, and can be very messy and frustrating when done wrong. The goal is to end up with a clean joint without any air bubbles. We have prepared the glass to make this an easy process.

Step 1) When to do the corner
The aquarium corners should be done after you fixed panel hardware is installed, and your fixed panels are set in place. Usually you have one panel which has support from the back wall. This panel will stand by itself when positioned. Don't forget to use setting blocks when you put the glass into position. The other panel needs to be temporally taped to the first panel. Put a setting block between the top corners to prevent glass to glass contact. The spacing should be 1/16" to 1/8" wide. You want the spacing to be consistent from top to bottom.
Step 3) Verify your door space
Now is the time to verify the door spacing. Measure the door space at the bottom, and measure the space at the top. This measurement needs to match the space measurement on your paperwork. If it doesn't you need to make the appropriate adjustments to get the spacing correct.
Step 4) Be Prepared

We have prepared the glass for the aquarium corner install. There is clear vinyl tape on both pieces of glass, both the inside and outside. This tape will make the clean up a snap. The silicone injection can be messy, so be prepared.

Put paper down on both the inside and outside of the shower around the corner area. Bring in a trash bucket to through paper towels into. Have a roll of paper towels handy.

Step 5) Injection
Let the fun begin: This is a two person activity. One person on the inside injecting the silicone with a caulking gun. You want to have a small hole in the nozzle. Make sure you have the crystal clear aquarium corner silicone (99AS). Note that in the example picture the installers are using the S33 clear silicone (milky) to match the frosted glass. The other person is on the outside of the shower as the coach. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. Make sure you inject enough silicone into the crack so that there is excess that has to be wiped off from the outside.
Step 6) Wipe off Excess

Using your finger wipe off the excess silicone and wipe it onto a paper towel and throw it away. Each time you run you finger from the bottom to top of the joint you push a little silicone through the crack. Wipe the inside, the outside, and repeat until your not wiping off any more silicone. STOP - Walk Away. The extra silicone is on the tape, so you don't need to worry about clean-up now. The last thing you want to do is bump the glass and suck air into the joint.

Note: If too much time goes by the silicone will start to scum over. You can increase the working time by spraying the silicone with glass cleaner.

Step 7) Final Clean-up Pull off the vinyl tape and discard. Remove the spacer block at the top of the glass, and inject a little silicone into its space.
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