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Step 1) Unit Style & Layout
  In this section there is a small line drawing and a written description of your shower door. What we are concerned with is that basic layout matches your needs. The size or width of the individual panels is not relevant, but the number of panels and their orientation to the door is critical. On close examination you determine you don't have an exact match return to the Style / Layout page and select the image that matches you shower door. There are three different Style/Layout pages, so you want to make sure you are using the correct page. If you want a steam shower it should specifically say STEAM in the description.

Style 5, Layout B

A swing door with a left inline panel and a right return panel. This layout requires the use of a header to avoid glass to glass contact and possible breakage. The shower uses pivot style self centering hinges which allow the door to swing in or out of the shower.

Step 2) Dimensions
The dimension area is where you specify the size of the space you want the shower door to fill. Please note that the dimensions need to be Centerline Space dimensions. These are the space dimension right where you want the glass to set. If you provide pan dimensions then we will build you a shower door unit that set right on the outside edge of the pan. If you are not sure about measuring the space you can take a look at the "How to Measure" page. We have provided small images of each panel of glass showing where each measurement parameter is applied. Use the note area to specify special conditions such as wall conditions (e.g. Right wall falls out 3/8" ).
          Std. sizes
in. Door: (W)  Door area width at the bottom
28 in.
in. Door: (H)  top of curb to top of unit
72 in.
in. Inline: (S) Width of Inline Panel
in. Inline: (SH) Inline Height
72 in.
This form requires decimal numbers, so you need to convert your fractions . We manufacture to the 1/16" so there is no need to be any more precise. The table can be used to convert you fractions to decimals.
  27 1/4" = 27.25
Decimal Value
Step 3) Glass Selection

In the Glass Selection section of the this page you get to specify what glass type, what design work, what top edge work, and for the door glass, what seal kit will be used. There is a selection section for each panel of glass. This allows you to specify the glass type, design work, and top edge fabrication work individually. To the right of each pull-down is a image of a magnifying glass. By clicking on this image you will see more detailed information on your selection.

show detail sq.ft lbs.
show detail  
Fab Options
show detail in.
Seal kit
show detail
show detail sq.ft lbs.
show detail  
Fab Options
show detail in.
Step 4) Hardware Selection

In this section you select the hardware for your shower door. The fist step is to select your hardware finish. Use the "Hardware Finish" pull down to make your selection. This selection pre filters the hardware so you can only select hinges and pull handles in this finish. It is possible to select a finish which has limited options. This is because not ever style is available in every finish.

Door Pull: There are two pull downs for the door pull. The first pull down selects a pull group, (e.g. 6" pull handle, 8" pull handle ...). The second pull down select the specific product (e.g. bak-to-bak pull, bak-to-bak pull w/ washers, bak-to-bak pull solid ....). With the selection made enter the quantity desired, and the prices and part number will show. Use the to get more information.

Hinges: The hinge selection has been filtered so the only hinges for this style door show in the pull down. Make your selection and enter the quantity of hinges to make the prices show.

Fixed Panel Hardware: There are two pull downs for this section. The first pull down selects the type of fixed panel installation desired ( e.g. clamp install, U channel install). The second pull down select the actual product. Enter the quantity required to make the prices show.


Hardware Finish
        Enter Qty to
Show price
_Door Pull       Qty Price
Part No.
_Door Hinge       Qty Price
show detail
Part No.
Fixed Panel Hardware       Qty Price
  show detail
Part No.
Step 5) Accessories
  This section is used to add additional products, and features to your door. If you wanted an addition towel bar you select it hear has add a comment to the Notes: ( e.g. put the towel bar on the return panel at the same height as the handle. We recommend selecting a tube of professional quality silicon sealant.
Step 6) Crating & Shipping
Crating: The Euro Frameless shower door tend to weigh a lot. These shower doors a crated for common carrier shipping. Most crates weight 100 lbs. or more. We have found the crates over 300 lbs are difficult to handle. It is better to split a 400 lbs order into two 200lbs crates. There is a $65.00 charge for each crate.
Shipping: We have been using Overnite Transportation for our US shipping needs for several years. We have found their service and pricing excellent. Our volume allows us a 72% discount off the regular rates. Take note of the crate weight and click on the "Shipping Est" link to go to Overnite's rate estimator. We ship the shower doors Freight Collect. This means that you will pay the shipper when the door is delivered.  
Kit Price: Press the "Calculate Price" button to calculate the total price of the shower door.
To Purchase: To purchase the shower door you enter your email address and press continue. This records the shower door information and takes you to a summery screen. Click the Buy Now button to go into the store where you can provide your shipping information and pay for the door.
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