Glossary of terms
Glossary of Terms
Aquarium Corner (miter) Glass to glass corner with mitered glass panels. This style of corner is preferred for the heavy Euro style units. If the joined panel is providing structural support for the door corner brackets should be used for safety.
Aquarium Corner (butt) Glass to glass corner using a butt joint. This style of corner is not as popular as the miter corner, but works equally well. Sometimes tempered glass can have a slight bow from the tempering process. This style of corner shows these problems more than the miter corner. If the joined panel is providing structural support for the door corner brackets should be used for safety.
Barrier-Free This term is used in describing an opening which is wheelchair-accessible. Our Euro frameless shower doors have no bottom track and are considered barrier-free.
Buttress A buttress or pony wall is less than a full height wall. Usually the inline side panels or return panel will either be up on the buttress or will be notched so as to step up onto the wall.
Center Line Measurements: The centerline for a shower door is an imaginary line that lies directly under the glass. Centerline measurements are taken right where the unit is to set when installed.
Clear Glass: Commonly this is the term to describe the type of glass used in clear windows. This type of glass actually has a slight greenish tent. On our Euro Frameless glass which is 3/8" or 1/2" thick the slight tent is obvious on the edges of the glass. Crystal Clear glass is clear glass made from special sand to illuminate the slight greenish tent.
Curb: A raised edge of a shower pan. Usually 4-6 inches up from the floor of the pan. The shower door is usually mounted in the center of the curb.
Heavy Glass: This term is used to differentiate the Euro Frameless glass which is 3/8" or 1/2" thick vs. the glass used in a conventional shower door which in 3/16 to 1/4" in thickness.
Pan measurements: Pan measurements are the outside measurements for the pan. It is not possible to manufacture a custom shower door that is guaranteed to when working with pan measurements.
Plumb: This is a term indicating that something is vertical. Typically a level is used to determine when something is plumb.
Fall-in A term to indicate that a wall is out of plumb and is tilted into the shower.
Fall-out A term to indicate that a wall is out of plumb and is tilted out of the shower.
Frameless: The is an over used and misleading term. Originally all shower door were framed and made from thin (1/8"-1/4") glass. The frame was necessary to protect the edge of the glass. Then when safety tempered glass came along most shower door manufactures came out with an upgrade of a frameless door. The only frameless about these doors was the door itself. There was still wall jambs, and framing on the rest of the unit. The Euro Frameless units are made from 3/8" or 1/2" glass. This glass is substantial enough to stand on its own without framing.
Notched Panel General rules on notched panels in Euro units. 1. The minimum width for leg of the panel is 4 inches.
2. The inside edges of the panel are not polished.
3. The inside corner has a ½ inch radius on 3/8" glass and 9/16" on 1/2" glass.
Inline Panel An Inline panel is a fixed panel on the right or on the left of the door. As the name applies the panel is "inline" with the door. When standing in front of the unit the width of the panel on the right is "S", and the width of the unit on the left is "K".
Return Panel The Return panel, or End panel is the fixed panel at the end of the unit which returns back to the rear wall.
Hinge Left/Right Designates how the door is to swing when standing in front of the unit.
Pony Wall A Pony Wall or Buttress is a less than full height wall which an inline or return panel will sit. The step up height is called the riser height.
Riser Height Riser Height refers to the height of a step up from the door threshold. SR, KR, and ER are the dimensions for the riser height of the Right Inline, Left Inline, and Return panel respectively.
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