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Connecticut's source for Frameless Shower Doors.
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You Measure it and we will ship you a custom Euro Frameless Shower Door Kit. Our experts will take your space dimensions and manufacture a Euro Frameless Shower Door. We provide you everything you need to do the installation.

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Style S5sn Steam Shower Door
Two panel Neo Angle Shower Door
Custom Style 5 Steam Shower
Custom Neo (2 panel)
"I beat my contractor's time frame and cost, and the have a better quality door! "
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Easy Clean Forever
Style S2Cs Frameless Shower Door
Euro S2Cs Shower Door
Euro S2Dn Shower Door

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Frameless Shower Door Kits
We Ship A full Kit
  • Glass ( Crystal Shield II)
  • Hinges
  • Pull-handle
  • Bottom wipe
  • "U" Channel
  • Stainless screws & anchors
  • pre-taped seals
  • Silicone sealant
  • Masonry Drill Bits
  • and more
Some companies just send you a door. When you open up one of our crates you will have everything it takes to do the installation.
Style 5 Erratic Edge Shower Door
Euro S5 Shower with Erratic Edge
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Style 2 Shower Door
Euro S2 Shower Door
Neo Angle Shower Door

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