Affiliate Program


Eshowerdoor does a strong business through our unique web store, but we still need to reach those customers who don't think of going to the web to buy a shower door. To reach these customers we rely on our affiliates. Some companies have a unique situation where there customers should also be our customer. They may evan be being asked for a referral for a place they can purchase a Frameless Shower door. Become a eShowerDoor affiliate and turn that referral into cash. If you make a qualified referral and we can turn that referral into a shower door kit order, we will pay you a 10% commission!

Become familiar with the eShowerDoor web site, and assists customers in designing their custom Frameless Shower Door. Order it for them and have it drop shipped to the job site and receive a 20% commission for making the sale. If your organization is providing field services such as doing the tile installing then you could sell them an installation of the shower door, and make an addition $ 200-$400.

Think about it. You are providing your customer with better customer service and making $100-300 in the process.

Affiliate Commissions Schedule (Shower Door Kits)
  Referrals 10% Commissions on shower door sales
  On-line kit orders 20% Commissions on shower door sales
Some referrals can take months to mature into orders. When an affiliate submits a referral it instantly shows on the affiliates' status page. We will work all referrals until they matures or dies. At any time you can log into the eShowerDoor web site and review your referrals. Your status report also tracks which of your sales people is submitting referrals.
The fist step to becoming an affiliate is to submit an application by clicking on the link. After approval you will be able to log into the eshowerdoor web site and submit Referrals and purchase shower door kits on-line.


    Affiliate Application

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