Polycarbonate Bottom Rail with Wipe

  • Available to fit 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. Glass
  • Snaps onto Door Bottom to Achieve a Seal
  • Stock 36 in. lengths (Cut to fit )
  • Clear Polycarbonate w/ replaceable T wipe
  • Closes off ~1/2 in. Under Door
  • This Clear Polycarbonate Bottom Rail with Wipe is snapped onto door bottom to achieve a seal. It includes our No. SDTW Translucent in.T in. Wipe. The curb should have a 1 to 1-1/2 degree slope into the shower so that water off the drip rail will not pool, or run out of the shower.


The P450BR and P500BR have a crystal clear hard polycarbonate body which clips onto the bottom of the door. There is a slot to receive a in.T in. wipe (SDTW). The good thing is that this should make it easy to replace the wipper when it needs to be replaced. The problem is that the in.T in. wipe slides in the slot as the door is opened or closed. A little silicone will hold it in place, but now it isn't easy to replace.